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The Perfect One-Day ATL Getaway

When my dad died in 2018, mom and I went through some changes, especially when it came to traditions that hit differently now that dad was gone. One thing we started doing more of was the one- or two-day staycation. Sometimes for leisure and others out of necessity. Our one-day stay at the Kimpton Sylvan Hotel was out of necessity, but it was a surprising hidden gem.

To start, this modern-meets-chic boutique hotel is an IHG property that was once a 1950s luxury residential property. The surrounding gardens and quiet spaces around the hotel make it the perfect place to relax, work or hide away to write. I happened on this space through one of my go-to discount hotel booking sites. Did I mention how much I enjoy finding amazing deals that fit my budget and hotel expectations? We ended up here because I had work meetings in the office nearby, and mom had a doctor's appointment early that morning. Mimi doesn't drive in the city, so I had to drop her off at her appointment. I couldn't leave her at the hospital for nearly nine hours while I finished my workday, so I decided to Uber her to a hotel to relax while I worked.

Knowing I didn't have to fight traffic, it was nice knowing I could enjoy a nice dinner, some of the hotel amenities, and a delicious breakfast the following day at The Betty. Speaking of The Betty, the music and decor were like stepping back to a classic supper club, and the food was delicious. This was a pleasant Buckhead surprise and a nice change of scenery for Mimi. Our staycations are a thing now, part of our new normal in our little family unit of an only child, two kiddos and a grandmother. When the kiddos visit their dad or family out of town, we occasionally staycation. Ha, I just made that a verb.

If Buckhead is on your list, be sure to check out the Sylvan Hotel and take some time to enjoy all the amenities they have to offer, especially the free bikes available to pedal your way through Buckhead.

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