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"I write and stuff."


Mom of two high-spirited boys, writer, blogger, daughter and short-order cook navigating this thing called life.

K.D.'s been hooked on writing most of her life. At an early age, K.D. realized she enjoyed creative writing, poetry and making people laugh.  After obtaining a degree in Journalism at the University of Georgia, followed by a Master in Public Administration, K.D. discovered that her love for creative writing was more than a hobby - it was her passion.

An award-winning writer and editor at her daytime gig, K.D. decided to put her passion to work through writing, podcasting and blogging. Her goal is to find the good, laughter and inspiration in all that life throws our way, even during the tough times. 

K.D. joined a children's book writers critique group, and began fine tuning her stories. She's currently shopping her recently completed stage play to local playhouses. 

K.D.’s love for books is only rivaled by her love of Disney World, music and cooking.


K.D. is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., the Public Relations Society of America, Project Management Institute and the International Association of Business Communicators.  Her hobbies include reading, playing the piano, traveling, watching classic movies, bike riding and running. 

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