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Flavor You Can Savor in London

I just returned from celebrating my bestie's 50th birthday in Europe. Our first stop was in London for a fast-paced two days packed with sightseeing, shopping and the Beyonce concert.

We made our way to some of the most famous historical sites. We didn't have enough time to do all the things, so London owes me more tours and adventure - a good reason to return. As much as I enjoy traveling, I enjoy experiencing the culture through food. Here's what I learned in London.

Fish and Chips are something to experience. It's not my traditional Friday night fish fry fare, but the fish is fresh, and the batter-dipped catch-of-the-day is usually crispy. I tried it. That's all I can say about that. I prefer my fish fry Fridays. We did find a flavorful, trendy spot to dine inside igloos. The Coppa Club is great for outside dining and watching the boats cruise down the river. It's a few steps from the Tower of London, so take a tour and reserve your table for a meal before or after. I can't speak for lunch or dinner, but my eggs were perfectly seasoned, and the marmalade. . .OMG.

A writer friend suggested dining in Greenwich Village, where various ethnic restaurants offer world-renowned eats from Caribbean to Asian Fusion and more. We didn't have enough time, but I'm going back. For those who may not know this about me, I love tea. I've hosted a high tea for more than two decades. Did I have high tea in London? Nope, but I'm going back. My friend suggested an affordable high tea spot, Richoux restaurant on Piccadilly. Be sure to book ahead if tea is your thing, too.

For delicious eats to bring back as treats, don't miss Fortnum & Mason. Oh, the marmalade, preserves and jams will have you filling your empty luggage bag with jars of goodness. Recipients of souvenirs will thank me after the first bite. But don't sleep on the chocolates. I planned to wait until we got to Paris to shop for chocolate, but a few shoppers twisted my arm, opened my purse and apparently swiped my card for a delightful variety of sweets. I'm glad they did. These chocolates were divine, and I'm not that big of a chocolate candy lover. Fortnum & Mason also have tea and hot chocolate. Don't let the price tags scare you away. Set aside a little splurge money and treat yourself to something from this famous spot. It's worth it.

Sidenote: The southern-fried chicken tenders and fries at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium were delicious! They have a little spice to them, too, so grab a refreshing drink to wash them down.

Stay tuned for more deets in my European Savor blog series posting here regularly.

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