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Savor Your Friendships

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

June went by fast, but we packed a lot into 30 beautiful days. If you read my last post, I shared a bit about the first leg of our girls' trip to London. We flew across the pond for about 52 hours of frolic in the London streets and took in the Beyonce concert. We had a time, but then there was Paris. Another place where time wasn't on our side. We toured, dined and shopped. One lesson learned in this beautiful city, Parisians know how to savor the moment; whether it's their espresso or cigarettes, they don't rush for anyone. I took note. My girls and I embraced the moment and tried to let our clock-watching, sticking-to-a-schedule selves go. It was those times that I cherished the most. I realized it was time to change.

Scheduling time with friends can be a task. With everyone's obligations, it's hard to find a time that works for one, let alone most, but this trip caused me to take inventory of what matters. At the end of my life, checking off a to-do list or wrapping up endless work meetings won't cross my mind. What will matter is the memories and moments shared with family and friends, but those will only exist if I'm intentional about making them happen. In 2017, I traveled to Puerto Rico with the same sisters who traveled to Europe. We talked about making it an annual Gemini getaway, but life kept on life'n, and here we are six years later.

I'm going to do better. We don't have to travel the globe; a simple lunch or meet-up for dessert or even evening walks are in store. Turning 50 for me has been a right of passage. Some things I'm just not going to do anymore and some things I insist on doing more of. Turning half a century has that effect on a girl. Send the text, make the call, schedule the lunch, book the trip, love your loved ones, and remember to savor every moment.

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