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Take Flight

This morning I took my routine walk around the neighborhood, taking in the beauty of the blue sky, leaf-covered trees and crisp morning air. I love nature, and I get especially excited when I see red birds. I've always heard that seeing red birds is a sign that your loved ones' spirits are always near. When I saw three of these babies in a neighbor's yard, I stopped to take it all in.

They were flying about, but this time they looked like they were playing birdie hopscotch. The first one landed, flew about a foot, not very far off the ground, before landing again. I thought that maybe he was injured because he couldn't seem to get enough air under his wings to take flight. Maybe veteran bird watchers are used to seeing this, but I wasn't. I watched for a while before little birdie's two friends started doing the same thing. Maybe they were playing a game, but it brought something else to mind. When I go on my walks, I often use that time to take in nature and talk to God. Before I walked up on these birds, I asked God about a big task that will push me out slap dab out of my comfort zone. I mean, all the way out. Seeing those birds answered my question and calmed my spirit.

Those three birds were barely getting off the ground, landing and doing the same thing over and over again. That's when it hit my spirit; they had the ability to fly as high as their hearts desired. For that brief moment, they appeared to barely catch air and come back to the ground, to the point that it appeared that something was wrong. But there was nothing wrong. Those birds showed me that I might have to take a few small steps, and perhaps I will barely get off the ground before landing, only to try it again, but guess what? Just like those red birds, I can soar as high as my dreams can take me. Don't get caught up in the baby steps along the way or even the setbacks or struggles. To the outside, it might look like those birds - you're barely making any headway. But when it's your time, you will take flight and soar, baby. Keep going, my friends.

If you're in a place where it doesn't seem like it's going to work, I hope this post confirms for you that there is greatness within you. Trust what He's called you to do, and get ready to TAKE FLIGHT.

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