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Spring Break 2021 Canceled

Who else is missing sandy beaches and good ole bright Vitamin D? We canceled our little getaways last year due to the panorama. Truth be told, we're not scheduled for any flights or vacays or even weekend getaways this year, either. It's been an adjustment, but in an unexpected way. This past weekend, the kiddos and I were reminiscing about traveling together. Surprisingly, what we missed most were the simple things. No one mentioned the creature comforts that came with hotel stays. It was the moments made like the time we dug a three-foot hole in the sand to build a moat or when our car got towed when we went for a 30-minute walk on the beach. Y'all I swore that car had been stolen, only to find that we were in a no parking zone where everyone was parking. I got our car and fees back, by the way.

It dawned on me. We weren't missing destinations as much as we were missing the moments shared. Sure, we've done some cool, unconventional stuff at home together, and like many of you, we'll make the most of what we have for the time being. Funny thing though, we just want to walk on a sandy beach and soak up some vitamin D. Where we stay, the amenities and all that STUFF has become secondary. Perhaps that was the point all along.

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