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Serve the Tea, Baby!

There's nothing like a steaming hot cup of tea. Before I can give the good people what they want around here, some days I have to jumpstart my motor with my go-to zen in a cup. I've shared before that my favorite is loose leaf tea with just a bit of amber rock sugar. I'm not a fruity flavor kind of girl, I prefer the vanilla, lavender, bergamot and nutty flavors but to be honest, I can make any tea flavor work to my liking.

Serve it up with a little smooth jazz, and I'm ready to write, edit, monitor the kiddos' virtual learning situations and even handle spam callers who swear that I purchased a vacation that I never took. No worries there; they are going to let me take that vacation for a small fee. Ha! Life doesn't slow down but we can slow the pace and steady ourselves while enjoying the moment one sip at a time. The weird part is, I'm more productive when I give myself these morning moments to savor the flavor and set the intention for the day.

What's in your morning cup?

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