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It's Okay to Be Out of Control Sometimes

I like knowing things. My Granny would call it being nosey but I like to think it was 'being prepared' (side-eyeing my own self as I type that). Either way, I feel more comfortable when I know the who, what, when, where, and how of things. As I'm sitting here on the last official day of summer, I can't help thinking over our summer plans that never happened.

This has been a year of cancellations, postponements, denials and a few disappointments. As much as I budget and plan to create memories for my family, I have no idea when or if we'll be able to resume travel any time soon. I even postponed day trips to museums because of crowds, touch-and-feel exhibits, and did I mention, crowds? So here we are good people, about to roll into a new season out of control. I can't say that it's been all that hard to accept. This has been the most relaxed summer I've had since becoming a mom nearly 13 years ago. Traveling is an experience in itself but tack on two kiddos and packing alone can become a two-week-long event in itself. At least they aren't toddlers where car seats, strollers and bottle warmers are part of the package. Nevertheless, it was surprisingly nice to chill at home, finding the beauty on long Sunday drives or just grilling out in the back yard. We've saved more money and enjoyed the staycation quality time.

Oddly enough, losing control of summer plans gave us more control over how we spent our time together and realigned our values, too. It's a blessing to be able to travel, whether it's nearby or across the pond, but this pandemic has revealed that it's a bigger blessing to be healthy and together. The beach, amusement parks and landmarks will be there when we get on the other side of this. Until then, I hope we can all walk into this new season completely under control of what matters most during out-of-control times.

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