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I'm Grateful for Beaches and Ocean Breezes

One of the best parts of God's beautiful Earth is the beach and ocean breeze. I never get tired of the view, the sounds, the sand and the peace that surrounds me. It doesn't matter if it's an island or on the coast, I can find something to love. While my preference is white, soft sand and clear turquoise water, I'll rough it with the best of them on dingy sand and all. It's a place to reconnect with God, reset your mind, fall deeper in love, make memories with family, search your soul, relax, soak up the sun and whatever tickles your fancy. This year, we canceled two beach trips because of the pandemic. My spirit feels it, but the beach and the breeze will be there when the world opens up to my liking. Until then, I'll keep my Caribbean jazz station on repeat, enjoy the breeze from wherever I am in the world and thank God for the same sun that beautifully sets whether you're in playing in the white sand or chilling on your patio.

Photo credit: Thanks to my bestie Sty for capturing this photo in 2019, when the world was open and we were enjoying beautiful beaches and girls' trips.

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