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Here on Purpose

Dad always told me that I could accomplish anything as long as I worked hard, stayed focused and kept the faith. My father would have been 75 years old today, and I'm beyond grateful to honor his memory with the launch of the Because Life Can Be a Niche podcast. Dad taught me the value of quality over quantity. You don't always need an entire cheering squad when you have one or two supportive people on your team.

I'm thankful that my parents were my team, and I know dad is proud because mom is with me cheering loud enough for both of them. This October will mark two years since dad passed away, and while I still have my brief grief moments, my heart is filled with joy because I had 45 years with the first man I ever loved. Launching this dream on his birthday gives me comfort, and I hope dad knows his years of support and love filled up every space that doubt tried to fill. I thank him for always pouring into me that I have a purpose, and I'm here on purpose. Happy birthday, dad. Fam, check out my labor of love - Because Life Can Be a Niche.

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