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A Boys to Men Mother's Day?

I didn't expect to be driving across town early this a.m. Mother's Day is supposed to be a day of rest and relaxation, right? But I would drive two hours to see the expression on my sons' faces. These two kiddos decided they were going to surprise my mom, their Mimi, with tulips they ordered through my Amazon account. I had no idea the two were scheming together to get their surprise delivered early Sunday morning. Only one problem, they didn't check the shipping address, and their purchase went to a default address that I recently used for several shipments.

They woke up all excited, running to the front door and looking outside. At first, I thought they were trying to hide a broken dish or glass. It's happened before, so that wasn't out of the realm of possibility. Then they came to my room with sad faces. They asked to check the Amazon app on my phone. There it was, a photo of the tulips Amazon fresh delivered, and they were clear across town. They reluctantly told me what happened. At first, I called the agency and left a message that there would be flowers when they arrived Monday morning, courtesy of two thoughtful grandkids. They told my mom about it, and of course, she told them it was the thought alone that made her Mother's Day perfect. When I saw those sad, puppy dog eyes full of disappointment, the mom in me went into action. I showered, got dressed and headed out. I told them I had to pick up a prescription for Mimi, so they asked no questions. We decided as a family that I would be the only one making store runs at the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic.

I was relieved when I arrived to find the tulips just where the photo showed them. When I returned, I gave the kiddos the flowers so that they could present them to Mimi. My sons were so happy that they did something on their own and almost managed to pull one over on us. That was the best bittersweet Mother's Day gift. For the first time, the kiddos didn't come to me for money or ideas. They developed a plan and executed it. I saw my little guys morphing into the men we're preparing them to be. While they aren't quite in the pre-teens, they are quickly transitioning into independence that makes me smile and cry a little, too.

But for now, I'll relish in the fact that they still need me or at least my ability to drive. My Mother's Day gift is being shipped to the same organization, so I'll make this trek all over again sometime this week. Gotta love motherhood.

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