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  • KD Bryant

This Pandemic is a Game Changer

We are a tech-driven crew. I like to make the excuse that it's necessary because I work from home and need the pods, modems and electronic gadgets, but the truth is these kiddos have suckered me into half of these creature comforts. I enjoy asking a little box to give the weather forecast or command my favorite film score. It's like having an electronic genie. But sometimes devices get in the way of connection.

Now that we're sheltering in place during this pandemic, I don't want to squander this time together. So, we've made our weekly game night a multi-night tradition with checkers, Uno, Monopoly and more. Amazingly, we spend the majority of our time electronic-free. Once my workday and their school work are done, we put devices away. It's refreshing and liberating. I want us to remember our conversations, uncontrollable laughter at our inside jokes, Mimi unknowingly being filmed on TikTok and more of our shenanigans. That's the word. I pray they grow up to tell their children about our shenanigans not only during our time sheltering in place but life after. This is our game-changer moment. We've found what we can and should live with a little less of. I'm grateful for the time to reconnect with what matters most. My love and prayers remain with everyone intimately impacted by this virus. God is with us and remains in control.

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