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  • KD Bryant

The Dirty Truth

The crew got dirty this weekend. For the first time, we planted a raised garden. The kiddos often helped my parents in their garden on spring visits, but this is the first time I've gone beyond my potted herbs to the real deal, well almost real deal. The space is small, but it's ours. We chose to plant veggies and fruits that we all enjoy.

We're praying for our lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes, green onions, strawberries, mint and rosemary. So far, it's a beautiful sight and something I'm not sure our weekend schedule would've allowed had it not been for this pandemic. Between juggling two sets of extracurricular activities and many other adulting commitments, we spend a lot of time traveling to and fro, sometimes on two wheels.

The time staying at home together has been precious and memories we'll cherish forever. While we're coming up with more creative ways to shelter-in-place, our hearts and prayers go out to the people and family members of those who have lost their lives to this horrible virus. That's the dirty truth in all of this - while we're TikToking, playing games and virtually partying together, thousands are separated from loved ones, unable to say final goodbyes or battling for their lives. That weight looms over us and reminds me to keep perspective that there is a greater lesson in this, and I'm ready to learn. I'm hoping for my spiritual seeds take root. Just like my raised garden, my spiritual growth will require work, nurturing and getting a little dirty before the harvest comes. Until then, may God mightily heal, restore and renew.

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