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Something in the Air

Each day we learn more and more about the pandemic, the Coronavirus. My family is adjusting to the recent news that I canceled our spring break travel and possibly some early summer travel, too. Surprisingly, the kiddos aren't complaining or even asking what we'll do instead. I've been cautious about balancing educating them about the seriousness of this situation. I don't want them living in constant fear, but at the same time, I don't want them to be cavalier about mortality. They ask to tune into the news, even when we're watching something else. I'm encouraged that they want to be educated and learn everything they can. I'm also happy to see that their empathy for those impacted by this horrible virus. I'll admit, I work to give my kiddos the things I didn't have or experience just as my parents did for me. My ancestors may be looking on and calling it a tad bit spoiled as much as I try not to do that. Sometimes the ancestors are right. My prayer is that they don't confuse parents' sacrifice for an attitude of privilege or entitlement. It's a tight rope walk, and today I saw a glimpse into the hearts of the men we're developing. It's refreshing to see that they get the bigger picture in this - always have a heart for people.

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