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  • KD Bryant

I'm Hoping for a New Pandemic

Life is a little different. We're now practicing physical distancing. We're staying home and digitally learning with the kiddos. I can't say that I'm as discombobulated about the entire situation as I probably would have been at a different time in my life. Since my father's death two years ago, my mom has split her time between homes - here with us and at the home that she and my dad shared for decades. It's been a tremendous blessing to me and the kiddos. Together we get through the waves of grief that wash ashore at the oddest times. We share our fondest memories, and most of all, we make new, beautiful memories. The kiddos love having their Mimi at their beck-and-call, and I enjoy having her retired teacher's classroom management and teaching skills on deck for digital learning. Doing life together works for us. I worked from home before this pandemic and having mom step in as lead boarding school teacher allowed me to maintain my usual work routine. I know this situation is a precious gift, and I don't take it for granted. I salute all the parents who are juggling work or perhaps managing a temporary layoff because of the pandemic. While this pandemic has placed the world on pause, I know this slow-down doesn't come with equal comfort levels, whether emotionally, financially or physically. That is the harsh reality in this, and why we find ways to serve others. I want these kiddos to get that it's only by grace that we're comfortable at this point. Our lives go through ups and downs, and when you're in a position to bless, you bless. I pray that this is something that spreads like a virus, too. Imagine what our world would be like if we took care of each other from a global community perspective. When the pandemic is over, I hope the way we take care of one another remains. Let love become the new pandemic.

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