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  • KD Bryant

Embracing the Time to Check-In

It's St. Patrick's Day, so the kiddos decided to wear green to stay in the normal routine, I guess. It was a sight to see the green socks and t-shirts all ready to go for their digital learning day. I've tried to humor them by attempting a pinch so that they could point out that they are wearing green. If this is their way of incorporating as much normal as they remember it into our current pandemic lifestyle, I'll allow it. I try to keep in mind that our current way of living impacts the kiddos, too. So far, they haven't declared mutiny or even complained about not leaving the house. I believe they are enjoying the slow-down as much as I am.

I'm grateful that we have my mom here with us. Grandparents often provide an extra layer of comfort that naturally calms everyone down. I'm embracing that calm and using those moments of peace to check-in on my people. This pandemic is impacting everyone in a variety of ways, and I don't take for granted that my situation is a blessing. Some are dealing with insecurity, anxiety and even fear. At a different time in my life, I could very well be in the latter group. If it's one thing that's changed me during this time, it's being more proactive in loving on people. And, I pray that never changes.

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