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  • KD Bryant

Coronavirus is Teaching Us New Homeschool Teachers Something

Adjusting to our new everybody-at-home arrangement has been insightful. I'm amazed at how quickly my kiddos have decided that pajamas should be the new school uniform. I believe the way you dress impacts the way you work, but I've relaxed the reigns on that ideology a bit. My cousin shared a link from a homeschool teacher that suggested that we shouldn't expect our children to spend the same hours on schoolwork that they spent in the actual classroom. To that point, I'm finding that they finish their work before the regular school day would end, so we've taken this opportunity to enhance life skills, explore virtually accessible museums and such. My prayer is that these young men come out of this more well-rounded and empathetic toward others. We're going to ride this thing on out and see where we end up on the humanity scale. Maybe this is God's way of giving parents and guardians time to do what we should have been doing in the first place - building better people by developing our dependents into productive, positive contributors to our society and world. Mission received.

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