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Game Ball

Baseball is one of my favorite sports. Whether it's the MLB or my boys' little leagues, I'm a baseball-ready mama. While I grew up watching baseball, I didn't get the concept of the game ball until my boys started playing.

The kiddos have been playing since they were three. At that time, every kid earned a game ball, mostly for not throwing a tantrum or having to go potty in the middle of an inning. As they moved up in age and leagues, the game ball was a coveted reward for exceptional performance. Score the winning run, pitch a no-hitter or play your heart out; and you may earn the ceremoniously signed MVP award as the coaches' way of saying we appreciate what you do for the team.

As spring sprang into a full on cleaning mission in the kiddos' room, I found four game balls under their beds. I know what you're thinking, I went under a bed in a boy's bedroom and lived to write about it. Let's just say the abyss would be an understatement. As I placed the balls back in their cases, I thought about the people in my world who are game ball worthy. Have I told them how much I value their counsel, support, friendship, prayers or acts of service?

Just a few weeks ago, one of my colleagues called my cell phone. I work remotely, and most calls are scheduled, but if the phone rings, that's usually a request for an immediate need. To my surprise, my colleague didn't need anything. She just called to say how much she enjoyed working with me. A few months back, a friend would often say to me, "I appreciate you." I remember these moments because I realized they were proverbial game balls. These moments are rare, which is why I haven't forgotten them. I never will. Whether I'm on the giving or receiving end, one thing I've learned is to stay baseball ready in this game called life and start giving out game balls while those MVPs are on this side of the earth to receive them.

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