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Who the Heck is Murphy?

Who the heck is Murphy and why does he have a law? Perhaps for reasons such as this--I am now creating a brand new blog because the one I originally created is somewhere in cyberspace. My homage to my grandmothers was penned in my first Trudie Duncan blog entry, and now it's nowhere to be found. Good news, it was around for about two weeks, long enough for me to follow myself and become a fan of my own blog. I didn't get a chance to invite anyone else, so no love is really lost. I should've known I was in trouble when it wouldn't allow me to post my next entry. My IT friends tell me it's probably user-error. They say that with most things because far be it for them to diagnose a computer problem that's not somehow related to the user. It couldn't possibly be the computer system, network or anything of that nature because we all know our computers rarely, if ever, cause problems without prompting from their idiot users. Anywho, to summarize my initial homage to my grandmothers, my grandmothers were women with a lot on their minds. Poetry, words of wisdom, scolding or random chatter, my grandmothers had a lot to say and luckily their love of words flowed to their granddaughter. I happen to pen my thoughts knowing my creative writing gene is purely influenced by them. I wish they were both alive to see how they've influenced my thought process, sense of humor and no-nonsense approach to various subjects. To date I've poured most of my creative juices into children's book writing; however, I've got a screenplay and novel or two in me. If I can keep my Gemini mind focused long enough to escort these characters from my mind to paper, my long hours in front of the laptop may be justified. This time, let's see if I can keep this blog alive long enough to cultivate a following or at least be able to find it again so that I can become a fan. It's a poor frog who doesn't praise his own pond.

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