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Grannies' Girl

Ha! Murphy's law, smurfey's law! I just found my lost blog referenced in my first post. Trudie Barnes and Katie Duncan left a legacy--a grandaughter with a lot on her mind. Random musings, a joke or two, and sometimes a deep, inspirational thought. I love words, and enjoy the idea that I may never use all the beautiful words available to us. Words have power. They can hurt, destroy, alienate, inspire, ignite and even heal. That's why I honor my maternal and paternal grandmothers in many of my blogs. Both used the power of words to make things happen, to keep the family strong and to share their storytelling talents. I pray I have just an ounce of their wit, creativity and wisdom in my writing career. Cheers to Trudie Barnes and Katie Duncan--two grandmothers who've departed this world, but not before sharing that they had a lot on their minds.

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