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Today I'm Grateful for Music

I'm sitting here watching one of Avery Sunshine's Live From the Crib concerts, a beautiful sheltering-in-place benefit born out of this pandemic. I love music and thought I would spend this past summer attending some of my favorite artists' live performances. I need music. I grew up in a home filled with appreciation for all types of music, and I make sure my sons have the same experience. Music gets me in a happy place. So when the concerts ceased, artists stepped up with live performances on social media platforms. I'm grateful for that.

I took it all in as we've pivoted to finding a new way of being during this global time-out. On this first day of November, I'm grateful for music, talented artists of today and yesteryear and the social platforms that made it possible for me to get my concert on from the comfort of my home. Many will celebrate Thanksgiving Day this month, but I'm publicly giving thanks for all things great and small every day this month. I hope my daily declarations are an inspiration. Get in the comments and share what you're grateful for today. If you're alive and reading this, there is reason to give thanks. Today, I'm grateful for the gift that is music.

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