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Thankful for Books!

I'm so grateful for books and my bookshelves. I usually keep my great reads. Occasionally I'll pass a great one along, but there is nothing more satisfying than getting lost in a well-written story. Every time I finish a book, I feel as if my writing improves. If nothing else, my creativity is sparked to develop a stronger plot or storyline in my writing. I'm an only child, and both of my parents were teachers. I had plenty of time on my hands and an old soul. Do you know what old-soul, only children do? I'm guessing they read books, play checkers, hang out at the senior center with their grandmother and probably knock-out a crossword puzzle or two. If that's just me, I own it. No shame here. So today, I am grateful for books, my love of reading and my passion for writing. That is all. What are you thankful for today?

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