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Stop Watering Barren Land

Sometimes in life, we find ourselves doing the most with things that have served their purpose or were never provisioned for us in the first place. We're nurturing relationships, friendships, jobs or even dreams where no fruit will be produced.

We may find that we nurture these things because they once produced fruit but now that the harvest is complete and their purposes are served, it may be time to pick up that bucket and take the water elsewhere. Some of us are sowing into things that God never provisioned for us and when we spend time nurturing things that God didn't give us, we may come out of it with nothing to show but dust.

Are you watering barren land? Putting time and effort into something or someone that can't or won't give to you in return? It's hard to acknowledge or even accept when this happens in our lives. It's especially tough to swallow when months or even years have been invested. I've been there myself. Some of us have outgrown our jobs but keep hanging on in a place hoping for a promotion that will never come. While others are in one-sided friendships or relationships where you do all the planning, calling, surprising, gift buying and sacrificing, only to have those friends disappear when you need them most.

It hurts and sometimes stings a little but just because you're there now doesn't mean you have to stay there. Evaluate the situation. Pray to God for discernment and divine direction, and when He answers, accept what God allows. We're not designed to sow into things that don't provide a harvest. It's okay to thank that barren land for the lesson, shake that dust off and strut right on into your destiny provisioned for you by Him. Who's ready to throw up the deuces to the dust?

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