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Lease to Own

This past week has hit our family hard with loss. As a mom, I assume the role of helping it make sense for my kiddos. It's not an easy job, especially when I'm still trying to accept it myself. All week my kiddos have hit me with rapid-fire questions. Did God mean to do this? Why did God let this happen? Does God know we're sad? All valid. All relevant. All innocent questions from kiddos dealing with the death of beloved ones.

I begged God to give me something and make it quick. When your goal is to raise faith-filled children who put God first in all things, you don't want to fumble when it counts most. At that moment, the thought of lease to own hit me. I explained to my children that as much as I love them, they belong to God and he's just leased them to us, just as he leased me to them. My kiddos are into commercials so they understood the concept. I explained that we all have Terms & Conditions. God allows some to have longer than others but His purpose is fulfilled no matter the length of time. During that time, we're just like cars because we're a vehicle for God. We each have a purpose and should be God's hands, feet, heart, eyes, His everything. When our lease on Earth is done, we get to be with our owner, our Heavenly Father.

In the meantime, we're here as different makes, models, colors, body styles, performance abilities, designs and more. Our job is to make the most of our lease agreement. Get the most out of the miles, minutes, days, months and years.

And when God calls our loved ones home because their earthly lease has ended, we have to continue where they left off. Carry all the stories, wisdom, ways of showing love, family traditions, favorite things and memories with us. Tell your friends, family and one day, your children about them. When your lease ends, they will do the same for you. That's how our loved ones get to live beyond their earthly lease - through you keeping their memory alive. We miss them. It will hurt and make us cry some days. When it does, talk to God. And remember, even when it feels bad, God is always with you.

The hardest job as a parent is watching your kiddos go through hurt and pain. Your parenting instincts push you to make it go away or protect them from it altogether. But death is one of those things that you can't protect them from experiencing. We've all gone through it and we're still standing. So trust that your kiddos will come through those rough seasons just as you did. Still standing and hopefully living out the Terms & Conditions of their leases to the fullest.

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