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I'm Grateful for Sunset Barbecues

Any day is a great day for grilling in my book, but during this pandemic, we've enjoyed our weekly sunset barbecues as we sheltered in place. It was the perfect way to change it up a bit, especially with us curtailing our restaurant activity. I've made it no secret that I'm a girl who loves to grill. The good old-fashioned, charcoal and wood chips kind of grilling is my preference, but it's more than the smoke-rings and flavor. It's about the memories we create, the time outdoors together and the fun. I will never forget this year and all of the extra barbecues under the sunsets. Our time together has been a constant reminder of what a little charcoal and some tender-loving southern seasoning for the ancestors can do. I thank God for that time and the ability to enjoy these moments together.

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