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I'm Grateful for Fridays

I know what you're thinking; you should be grateful for every day. I agree with you. Every day on the right side of the dirt is a day to rejoice. However, I have a special relationship with Fridays. Some of my best memories were made on this day. Growing up, I spent Friday nights with my Granny (my mom's mom). I enjoyed her fried fish, homestyle fries and coleslaw at the end of every week. It was a Dallas and Falcon Crest type lifestyle back then. I might have been young, but I was just as concerned about who shot J.R. Ewing.

As I got older, high school football Fridays ended with me tipping up the steps to the front porch hoping that Granny was still awake. She was always awake and waiting for me to share all my little high-school problems. After Granny passed away, I spent Friday nights enjoying jazz, blues, some country, Latin, and Motown hits with my dad. Dad enjoyed his music on the weekends and some of his best advice was delivered over John Coltrane in the backdrop. We called his Friday night tradition, 'The Club.' When I left for college, I kept my Friday night routines in place. Before dad passed away, our Fridays were a little quieter, but the fried fish and advice remained plentiful.

To this day, I fry fish or serve up some seafood delight and indoctrinate these kiddos with the best jazz, blues, R&B and Latin classics. We often have Friday night dance-offs to shake the week's stress away. Friday remains my wind-down day. After a long, productive week, I look forward to chill time with my loved ones. And nothing is better than a Friday sunset and the satisfaction in knowing that the house is clean, the food is plentiful and my loved ones are near. I'm grateful for every day, but truly thank God for Fridays, all the memories made and the ones to come. Be easy.

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