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  • KD Bryant

Finding Quiet Moments on Vacation? With Kids? Ha!

Doing laundry. It's after midnight, and I'm waiting on my laundry. Nothing special about that, right? It's a small room with one washer and dryer on our floor. I'm standing here grateful for these earbuds and my instrumental music. I don't want to hear anyone singing. I'm listening for one voice. We're wrapping up a fun-filled Spring Break at #Universal Studios in Orlando. Don't tell Mickey I tipped out on him. He's still my boo, but I'm thankful to experience Universal for the first time with my mom and kiddos. We're blessed. That doesn't fall short on me. While we were breaking into Spring, friends have lost loved ones, family members have been hospitalized, children have been in car accidents, exciting plans have been canceled and jobs have been lost. This is in my immediate circle. I know there are many going through difficult times. But just like this washing machine, the world keeps spinning. When you're traveling or entering the imaginary worlds of theme parks, it's easy to break from the hum drum of daily life. Read this slowly because you may never hear an adult human say it aloud. 'Thank goodness for late-night laundry!' It's nice to have some quiet to listen for God's prompts even if it's in a resort laundry room at the end of vacation. How do you quiet your mind when traveling?

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